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tv   Headline News  RT  May 12, 2013 10:00pm-10:29pm EDT

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nineteen people including two ten year olds injured in a shooting at a mother's day parade in the city of new orleans a manhunt underway for the suspects. turkey arrested nine men in connection with saturday's bomb attacks claiming they have connections with syrian intelligence damascus is denying the allegations. the first time may be the charm for pakistan's twice former prime minister who declared early victory of the milestone general election after the vote was marred by violence following the country's bloodiest ever election campaign. a bad year for the french president francois alonzo approval rating sinks to record lows as he marks twelve months in office with voters a disillusioned over unemployment and continuing austerity.
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six am in moscow i mattress or bring you today's top stories in a look back at the week's news at least nineteen people including two ten year olds were injured during a shooting at a mother's day parade in new orleans louisiana an f.b.i. spokesman saying there is no indication the act was an attack with the attack was an act of terrorism but there have been no arrests made so far are he's got each of the details. new orleans was celebrating mother's day with over three hundred people participating in a parade police say three individuals are believed to be responsible for starting a shootout two four of the wounded though are believed to be in critical condition another public event another tragedy there is a manhunt underway for the three suspects who police believe have managed to escape
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one of them is reportedly wounded in the same way as investigators of the boston marathon bombings appealed for crowd sourced photographs new orleans police have urged anyone with any photographs of the parade to step forward so just in boston the police are drawing the public into the manhunt certainly putting nearby neighborhoods on high alert police are going door to door in search for suspects and of course everyone is hopeful that they will find them but at the same time many are looking at these recent public events which of gone terribly wrong in thinking where the law enforcement can really provide security at outdoor gatherings like this with the boston bombers or could it be early warnings that were missed the perpetrators of this shooting in new orleans we don't know who they are but we do know that in the u.s. there is very little control over in whose hands guns end up guns are freely sold their gun shows and online and all of this makes people nervous about their safety at public events naturally. for some perspective on this i'm joined by charlie
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mcgrath founder of wide awake news so the f.b.i. says this wasn't an act of terror of area early in the investigation though how are you reading the events at this very preliminary stage. thanks for having me on that yeah you know it's obviously way too early you know i don't know how much faith that i would have in our f.b.i. and shocks of people but they seem to you know they had indications of what was going on in boston that we know now years before going occurred and the information they were getting from other countries and so faith based in the f.b.i. coming out saying it's really tear related not to related. you know and it's not it's not something i hang my hat on certainly it could be a gang related deal or could be just a grudge between a few people fired some rounds off and in some people it's unfortunate and you know there's no justification for crazy there's no just a geisha for people being you know just downright stupid and i certainly wouldn't
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try to come on here and say we shouldn't worry about violence but it is far is a an event that should cause great alarm it is definitely not to be. you know this is the second attack ad a public event in recent months but despite security being beefed up in many cities in the wake of the boston bombings in new orleans obviously a very high profile u.s. city how do you think something like this was allowed to happen or is that being maybe even too permissive because you know this is a random person with access to a gun that yeah is a plausible possibility yeah absolutely and you know we were in a three hundred million people we have we have four hundred million arms and that's not a bad thing in my opinion you know the new story should be how do we not have murders every day by legal gun owners in this country that should be the new store we had twelve thousand three hundred forty three deaths due to violence by gun crime last year far far less than we had was sides in this country we had more people killed
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by things in man shooting. the notion that the mainstream media the establishment media in washington d.c. and a politician that wants to gain. some political clout is going to use this event or boston as a train that we're on a bold face lie are our gun violence from one hundred ninety three to two thousand and one is down forty nine percent and the drop in non-final non fatal gun violence is down sixty nine percent this does not stop the agenda from pushing forward on gun control though that's why a recent poll pool research poll shows that only twelve percent of the people in my country actually know those statistics that are gun rates graham crimes are falling and fifty six percent believe that number is going up it's a lie we are a nation armed and by far you know we are overall a nation that is safe with our arms now a recent incident
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a do you think that it creates kind of a climate of fear because of the oh the saturation of the media coverage when something like this happens sure absolutely it's insatiable ism they it's twist it media in the establishment me it's twisted politics in washington d.c. yeah it sure it's going to create some people we're going to people talking about this per day is until the next of the in a nation of three hundred to me people born in arms and then they will try to use this to a further an agenda but look when you look at look at that look at our government's doing while they're crying about gun violence stockpiling billions arounds of ammunition we had fourteen soldiers killed in our behalf in our name in united states in the month of may alone in afghanistan seventeen civilians killed in afghanistan cars i talked about the other day our government talks about caring and loving compassion and we need to get curb gun violence yet we we promote it on a on a policy level all right charlie mcgrath from wide awake news thanks for your time thank you matt. nine people detained in turkey in connection
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with saturday's deadly car bombings there the blast killed forty six people and injured more than one hundred in a town near the syrian border hours after the incident were rushed to put blame for the attack on syrian intelligence damascus denying any involvement the turkish foreign minister called upon the international community to act against the assad government our middle east correspondent paula sleeper has more. turkey has blamed the syrian president bashar assad for these bombings without having undergone any kind of investigation what they have said is that syrian intelligence is to quote them the usual suspects now the difficulty turkish prime minister says that the organization and the members behind the attacks have been largely identified but what is worrying is that this does say it's a bad precedent to merely blame assad right away without giving any kind of proof or any kind of conclusive evidence as to why you say that nine people have been detained all of them are turkish citizens according to the turkish deputy prime
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minister and he has stressed that there be no links to the syrian opposition previously three of the five suspects arrested after the bombings were said to have been super nationals not so it has denied that they are behind the attacks the syrian government issued a statement in which it said that we are saddened by the fall of martyrs in turkey yesterday in one way or another the turkish people are syrian brothers the turkish prime minister has said that the attack could also be linked to the peace process with the kurds and they of course have for a long time been at odds with the government the north of syria is the region bordering turkey and that's where extremist opposition groups are particularly active what is unclear as of yet is how many of them could have in fact crossed over into turkey now the city where the explosion occurred has received tens of thousands of refugees and it is possible that some of them already called elements there's no proof to say that they are there's no proof they said that they are not
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of these radical elements all states are not only infrastructure and there are many groups among them such as be mistrust front and the salafist if you've already done so we have been receiving reports that in aleppo for example there are reportedly some twenty rebel brigades operating and they've set up the machinery of government and justice in the quilter's that they have taken over they've set up courts for example that all manned by lawyers and judges they've set up schools they say it's about their. ministration institutions so you certainly do have this very worrying phenomena that. extremist elements that operate. along. professor of middle east studies at bill can university jeremy saw things the attacks could have been the work of extremists the link to syrian rebels and not the government we know for a fact because because the main is the us fighting group in syria has admitted it's that al qaida in iraq and. in syria are one in the same and all the fighting groups
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in syria and they're all working tactically with so al-qaeda is in syria we know that that's not confirmed the smallest been suspected stops and so what we're saying now is kind of charge and countercharge. as people try to put the blame for this on to someone else my counter to my feeling about this is all just kind of guess would be that the party responsible is one of the groups because of anyone has a reason for trying to heat up the situation and dragging outside countries it would be them the fact is that the third one is going to washington this week and syria will be on top of the agenda and my my feeling is that the take you want to anybody that won't bite if he won't commit america to take you to a more involved over syria i don't think that turkey will do anything to key issue here is what kind of evidence are they going to come up with will they come up with any evidence that's going to convince us that this is an action carried out by the
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syrian intelligence service so there's a many many unknowns right now and most everything is going to depend on the outcome of the talks in washington but you know and one. meanwhile united a global effort to end the syrian conflict is finally gotten off the ground the u.s. and britain and russia have agreed to an international peace conference that could be held by the end of may there are some diplomatic obstacles though washington and london still considering sending arms to syrian rebels which russia strongly opposes artie's alexei airships he has more from sochi. after months of fiery exchanges on the syrian conflict the major international players russia the united kingdom and the united states have managed to find a common ground principled position has been that it accused the west of supporting only one side of the syrian conflict that is the side of the syrian rebels moreover russia has been particularly concerned with the calls across the atlantic to arm the syrian rebels to provide them with military training and even possibly. into
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the conflict by force also. with. countries that bashar assad must step down at the same time the western world has never been saying that it's the syrian people that have to choose their new government to have to choose their new future hardly anyone expected after all of these. between the u.s. state secretary john kerry and the russian president and the russian foreign minister in moscow would produce something positive never the less international conference which is to be called by the end of this was the direct result of the meeting in moscow that a conference is expected to have both the members of the syrian opposition and the syrian government at the same negotiation table at the same time a press conference between the russian foreign minister lavrov and john kerry took an interesting twist when a reporter asked about the bill to support the syrian rebels with weaponry which is now being considered by the u.s. congress the reply from the u.s.
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state secretary was that if the united states finds substantial proof that chemical weapons were in fact used by bashar assad's troops in syria something which hasn't yet been proven of course then this bill will ultimately become reality which many experts have already described this as a certain leeway for the united states to still have a certain leverage in the syrian conflict now also. the british prime minister david cameron came to the city of. russia. and the biggest and sego of that meeting was whether david cameron would sing to the same tune as john kerry did in moscow it's no secret that we have had differing views on how best to handle the situation but we share fundamental aims to end the conflict to stop syria fragmenting to let the syrian people choose who governs them and to prevent the growth of violent extremism so i strongly support the conference that mr lavrov for mr kerry agreed this week to deliver a political solution a solution which has
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a transitional government based on the consent of the syrian people as a whole so clearly the events of the of this week have given us a clear indication that there may be interesting things to come in terms of the syrian conflict and this conference can actually produce something of a peaceful solution now is sure if pakistan's former prime minister's claiming victory in the country's a story general election which will mark the first transition between two civilian governments there this is supporters of his rival imran khan took to the streets to protest the unofficial results the election campaigns been the bloodiest in the country's history with more than one hundred thirty people killed in the last month including dozens on election day artie's losing caffein up has more from is a lot of bot. despite the threat of violence pakistanis came out in record numbers to vote in the election which will determine the fate of the country for the next five years and as the votes are counted the man poised to come out of the very top is not wash a reef and his party fourteen years after being ousted in
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a military coup he is on the road to a third term as pakistan's prime minister will have numerous problems to deal with from chronic power cuts to a taliban insurgency he'll be pushing for a create free market economic policies and further strain ties with the united states but the cold has also crushed the hopes of millions of pakistanis who want to see real change in the entrenched political system they were counting on cricket legend imran khan and has already he had rallied massive support here in the country with calls to end corruption and to end u.s. drone strikes especially among young voters but it wasn't enough to put him at the top still a significant victory for his party now the pakistan people's party which form the outgoing government took a beating in the polls paying a price for being seen as failing to tackle corruption on employment and violence while in power of course this in many ways is a historic election it's the first time a democratically elected government is replaced with another the first time that
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a staggering sixty percent of voters turned out but also on a darker note the first election to go down as the bloodiest in pakistan's history now a string of bomb blasts disrupted election day killing dozens of people the violence came on the heels of a bloody intimidation campaign by the pakistani taliban which has claimed one hundred thirty lives leading up to the vote the group is fighting to topple poppy stands u.s. backed government which it sees as quote on the islamic now there were also some allegations of voting irregularities and problems in certain areas mainly in caracas new voting will be held at forty two polling centers where officials said elections were not free and fair overall however a successful largely successful election here in pakistan we will of course keep you up. david on the latest reporting from islamabad i'm lucy kalpa now and now a serious already started talks on forming a new government to rule the country he himself called a mess he faces an uphill struggle to revive the economy rid of corruption enter
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a store crumbling infrastructure robert naiman a policy director at just foreign policy dot org says old may also try to rein in u.s. influence in the country. sure enough and on the believe it or does it removes old came in first and second said that they were going to redefine was done for leadership of the united states on the utilities among other issues and they were going on obviously. they're not happy with the status quo they really should be in seats of the the perception of security and the eternity of the drone strike we're going to see change in that direction and. surely if we're on this the main opposition party. is expected to go shooting with the i.m.f. . run which need. to be significant pull the most powerful country in the relationship between the two countries militaries to new
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but i think we'll see a less and we hear of the octaves. still ahead this hour unfulfilled promises as friends wall long popularity hits new lows we take a look at why so many people say they're unhappy with france's president a year after his election victory that's still to come. but first bangladesh has seen a week of violent protests with thousands of hardline islamist clashing with police throughout the country protesters demanding the introduction of tougher anti blasphemy laws and the reinstatement of pledges to outlaw in the constitution police use tear gas rubber bullets and water cannons to break out the angry crowds the government so far refused to give in to demands he did a campaigner against war crimes says the extremists have been conspiring against the secular state for decades. that it breaks into it and they really do this if you and i did to do on that issue and over the last full two years that they have
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conspired against a the ito's all of the secular state and the a trying to a not a state like it's time to get trying to make these and the state creating a new key and what you will see who is actually did result of all these it seems to have been trying. for the last it is some of the major political parties that included the main opposition has been simple. more stories online at r.t. dot com including dressing to impress british billionaire and boss of virgin richard branson duns an air stewardess outfit in the serve drinks on a six hour flight after losing a bet all the pictures and videos on our t.v. dot com was. an argentine ghost town that spread their quarter of a century underwater comes up for air again read the story of this mysterious locale. as president francois law in
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marks one year in office the majority of people in france say he's failed to meet their expectations his approval rating is to less than twenty five percent the farthest fall for any french leader in decades artie's tessera cilia has more from paris. change was a year ago thousands of people had gathered at this very place to celebrate the victory of socialist president francois hollande but here on the thousands of people are again gathered but for a very different reason this time they're asking their president where are the changes that he had promised asked by the very same people who had voted left and put along didn't place recent poll shows popularity has plummeted to less than twenty five percent the biggest for any french president in the past fifty years but you know i thought it. i let's you know where your promises are come on where are they is said i'm sure he does not make it out yet this is the mission
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that from now on will be mine to give the european construction a dimension of growth employment and prosperity you have france's hit record unemployment of three point two million people in march the biggest source of public anger it's also scratch hopes of cutting the budget deficit to three percent of g.d.p. by two thousand and thirteen and the european commission's most recent forecast shows frasse will be in recession until the end of the year the seventy five percent income tax on the super rich is also a no go after france's constitutional court overruled it or the very talk of it pushed french actor gerard depardieu to give up his citizenship for a law should one one promise a law and it didn't that it's to keep is legalizing gay marriage please and supporters it also sparking fierce consultation. the way it was all the.
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things people are happy with gay marriage but it doesn't feed our families it doesn't give us food there are realities that are good to say but are also priorities priority is employment we need to eat it is obvious is it to blame. if you're the. new president immediately. into the economy one hundred one anyway i just would like to hear your president which is not making that much. which is a key piece of cake which is not going to explain that you know they're the magic recipient of no one hundred fifty four. yeah yeah yeah. and the recipe this film. says is nonexistent he made this video during last year's presidential campaign to show the country's
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lack of choice. in the memo that you feel when you listen to the media you'd think there were a lot of differences between the two but that's just on a superficial level the most important things they agree do we need to intervene in another country to find they will agree to intervening in other countries because the will be blue always being behind. a lot is well aware of his unpopularity that says he will weather this storm improve he can't keep his promises at the end of this five year term. he needs time fine we are here to tell him mr president the time is up you know need to start changing but others like these were christian recently closed steel plant to easter i'm not even hopeful symbolically laid to rest a lot of broken promises under which reads the trail. does our sylvia our t. harris. take
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a look now at some other stories making global headlines this hour and our man who held hostages in new jersey home during a thirty seven hour long standoff has died police stormed the house shooting and fatally wounding gerald murphy two bodies are those of murphy's girlfriend and her child both of whom he allegedly murdered were found at the house three other children being held in captivity were rescued on a hard. crowds rallied in madrid in a fresh protest against austerity the demonstration inspired by the so-called fifteen m. movement launched two years ago the battle of financial turmoil and the way authorities handle it activists also call themselves the spanish revolution and say they are trying to turn the tide of mounting budget cuts and soaring unemployment. in the bulgarian capital of sofia opposition protesters clashed with police following sunday's preliminary parliamentary vote demonstrators chanted mafia as they tried to break through the police barriers exit polls show the party of former
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prime minister boyko borisov is leading the vote with slight margin over the rival socialist party or assad's government all resigned in february following widespread protests against corruption. their annual speech the queen elizabeth of england announced that the country will have to stick with its austerity program which is already seen many britons forced to tighten their belts but the monarch recently got an almost five million pound pay bump for carrying out her official duties artie's policy boyko takes a look at where the thirty six million pounds of taxpayer cash is actually go. my minister's first priority will be to reduce the deficit and restore economic stability at the same time the creed is set to get a five billion pound pay rise this year thirty six point one million pounds from the u.k. taxpayer will go towards the queen and her residence says her royal chefs and footman cost an estimated ten million pounds a year thirty six million is divided into money which runs the royal
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household the queen and the duke of edinburgh most of it goes on salaries also on the upkeep of royal palaces such as buckingham palace and windsor castle and almost a royal trouble at home and abroad the british monarchy has become synonymous with the image of britain because it is the world's most high profile maliki the queen of ages seven and a consul the duke of edinburgh at ninety one are remarkable examples of public service and of national unity but the cost of the public purse rises steadily as austerity sets in the five million pound increase in the queen's expenses from the state's represents a fifteen percent rise vital services are being lost while the queen gets this big pay rise i think it's very unfair given that she is personally one of the
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wealthiest people in britain where the personal wealth of an excess of three hundred million pounds the royal family has over seven hundred servants six palaces they can quite clearly afford themselves to cover any increased costs they shouldn't be begging for the state it's a royal spectacle such as the daily changing of the guards at buckingham palace the groovin terrorists from around the globe but in these times of austerity some of beginning to question why the women says haven't tighten their belts and. but the rest of the queen's subjects last month the guardian poll found that eighty eight percent of brits were happy with the pay rise think this should give more to the poor not to get too much money the future of not overly impressed to be honest i'm sure she's got more than enough money to survive when she. brings in quite a bit on the toys some whatever but where does it go away where does it go the people that i miss because i work for
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a macand where karen. they're being kept where does it our progress given romani elsewhere in europe royals have had to raid the best spending in the face of public opinion the spanish royal family's budget has been reduced for a third year in a row the british monarchy actually stands out around the world it's completely different to almost every other monetary that you can think of in the sense that they are still surrounded by so much home and circumstance and all the marching. the horses get wired alongside the fronts of carriages the published figures suggest that the royal family the queen and everybody else costs around something close to forty million pounds a year but doesn't take into account all the extra security all the police work that that's involved in protecting her and the rest of the family and it doesn't take into account the money that some lost to the sticker because she and prince charles in particular get lots of tax privileges that the rest of us aren't entitle
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to and while the government has pushed through budget cuts to the national health service and slashed welfare as part of an unprecedented austerity drive there are those that say that prime minister david cameron's promise that britain is all in it together doesn't include the queen of england. london after the break we take a look at the wave of famine that ravaged the horn of africa in two thousand and eleven important millions on the brink of starvation stay with us for that. i think.


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